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Seeking artists, models, photographers and writers

Firstly I apologize if this isn't permitted. It's not spam, it's reaching out to others in the community with similar interests. We are in the works putting together a retro, pin up, vintage, burlesque magazine with a modern twist. We are currently seeking artists, writers, photographers and models interested in submitting work for our publication. Photos, stories, poetry, articles, interviews, product reviews, fashion/make up tips, art work and anything else that pertains to our theme is needed. We encourage models of all shapes and sizes as well as colors and styles to submit work. To find out more and information about submitting a piece please check out our temporary website.

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April 10 - "Lily Ann Rose Day", Cambridge, MA

Lily Ann Rose was born in Cambridge, raised in burlesque, and banned in Boston. On Monday night, March 23, the City of Cambridge made up for it's more prudish neighbor across the river. Mayor Denise Williams sponsored a resolution naming Friday, April 10, 2009 (the opening day of The Great Boston Burlesque Exposition) as "Lily Ann Rose Day". The proclamation was passed unanimously by the City Council.

At fourteen, Lily Ann Rose followed her mother and three aunts into the world of Burlesque. She learned to twirl tassels from Sally Keith, envied Sally Rand's famous feathers, and emulated Ann Corio, Boston's most beloved stripper. Comic Totie Fields introduced her with 'body beautiful' jokes, and she worked with some of the most famous baggy pants comics of the day. She was befriended by mob bosses, champion boxers, politicians (including Jack Kennedy), and held captive by the Chicago Mafia. She paraded and stripped to the songs of boy tenors including Robert Goulet, was banned in Boston when she mistakenly bared her breasts on-stage under the watchful eyes of Boston's Watch and Ward Society, and was imprisoned by an overzealous State Trooper – all before she turned eighteen.

You can meet Lily Ann Rose and half a dozen other legendary burlesque performers at The Great Boston Burlesque Exposition, April 10-12, 2009. For tickets and more information, please visit www.Burlesque-Expo.com

New Burlesque Character

So I am starting up a new burlesque performance group and I have decided my character with be a harajuku girl (think Fruits mixed with traditional burlesque).

What songs, costume ideas, and skit ideas would you recommend? If a real Harajuku type girl were to perform burlesque what would it be like?

I am mostly looking for english songs but all ideas are welcome. Song I can sing are KEY as well. I am also not opposed to lip syncing.

The name I picked for this Character is Miso Hun Ay or maybe just Miso Honey, a play off of "me so horney". It's cheese so I am open to other name ideas as well.

Opinions? Suggestions?
Big Mamma

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