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Thu, May. 24th, 2007, 04:11 pm
zebedeegoddess: Just in time for Miss Exotic World!

Please follow this link to look at my new pasties!
Click for the pics
All are $10 per pair unless otherwise shown in caption.
Purchase Before May 26th and I'll waive the shipping.
You cant beat that!!

To Purchase Pasties, simply use the donation button to post your payment. In the message section, let me know which set or sets you'd like and your mailing address. They'll be in th mail the next day!
HURRAY PAYPAL! bank cards, credit cards, direct draft whatever you like.

I'm no photographer, but You'll love these pasties!

And you can be happy in the knowledge that your helping Big Mamma Get to Vegas!

We also have New t-shirts available!!
Wont you buy a t-shirt?
only $15 each, sized in med, large and xl in most colors except black and white.
Just put the funds in by clicking the donation button. Put your details in the comments box including size, color and mailing address.You can ask questions at TSHIRT@bigmammasproductions.com
The shirts look like this.